Thursday, November 15, 2012

Found in the Forest

The sense of returning home resonates with every conscious individual; visiting family for Holiday, meeting with old friends, seeing an old haunt for the first time in ages.  While seeking adventure, there comes a sense of relief and peace when finding yourself back home.  And throughout our lives, there are multiple moments of being lost then found, returning to place of comfort and support.  We cannot help but sigh in relief when the door opens.

So, here I am, returning to blogging after a six year hiatus.  In a radical act of self love, I am exploring the forest of Meshell to share with you my methods of inner peace, love of life, and desire to know more.  Climb on board, because I never stop asking the question "how come" and love sharing how we can all grow consciously through our personal practices.  It's about time for us to put on our big kid pants and do some bad ass shit together.

Consider this my first post. During the holidays, shit gon' get fo real real.

And I promise... the design will get better.